Yoga with Ilonka Miklosi

Your Colours in Yoga Nidra /Deep Relaxation CD

This remarkable CD takes you on a guided mediative and healing journey with words and music to bring you inner peace, well-being and vitality. The gentle, musical voice of Ilonka Miklosi lulls you into deep relaxation while the music of the low whistle by Eoin Duignan carries your spirit on a musical journey to your inner self - your true self.
"The result is a harmonious whole, where voice and music performance, on low whistle, percussion, harmonica and talking drum are incontinuous dialogue."

The Irish Times

"This unlikely combination of words and music rewards frequent listening with a renewed sense of well-being for the stressed."

Cara (Aer Lingus inflight magazine)

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About Ilonka

Since the age of four, when she first attended ballet classes,  Ilonka has immersed herself in international and contemporary dance training. She went on to study gymnastics and dance at the University of Berlin where she trained as a physical education instructor. She has danced frequently on stage including solo performances at the National Concert Hall and Siamsa Tíre (Ireland) and Trowbridge Folk Festival (England). She studied African Dance in Berlin and teaches her own very successful yoga classes in Dingle, where she now lives. She also teaches Dance Meditation and Circle Dances from around the World.

Ilonka became interested in Yoga as a teenager when she attended classes run by Ananda Marga in Berlin. This step was a natural progression after her early dance and physical training and set the seed for her continued studies and practice to become a Yoga Teacher.1995 she received a teaching certificate from the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute and  in 1907 she studied at the Indian University in Nashik 'Yoga Vidya Gurukul',where she attained a Diploma in Advanced Yogic Studies.

Moving to Ireland in the late seventies she set up one of the first wholefood shops in the country. Here her interest in homeopathy and complimentary medicine flourished with a strong emphasis on diet and a holistic approach to healthy living.In 2009 she completed her training to become a Coach in Fasting and  Nutrition at the Academy for  healthy living in Germany- Oberursel.

She inherited her flair for cooking from her Hungarian father, a gourmet chef , and became an active partner in Dingle's renowned wholefood restaurant Éirí na Gréine.

Ilonka now has raised her family of five and can devote much more time  teaching Yoga ,  run Yoga + Meditation-Dance workshops or individual tuition .Not too long ago, she set up another  Vegetarian Wholefood Cafe and Restaurant in Dingle (Cul Gairdin ).


Ilonka is a full member of the Irish Yoga Association, Yoga Therapy Ireland and the B.K.S. Iyengar Teachers Association. She has been teaching and practising yoga (as a way of life and not purely a physical discipline), for the past twenty five years in Dingle, County Kerry. She has developed her own unique style with an emphasis on relaxation and tuning in to the inner self.

Ilonka is fully accredited with the Bowen Technique Academy of Australia and is also a well established professional yoga and dance instructor.  She recieved her teacher qualifications from the Iyengar school of yoga.

She succcessfully completed a two year teacher training course with Imelda Smyth (Álainn) in "soul making" and trained in Dance Meditation and Sacred Dance with Friedel Kloke-Eibl and Nanni Kloke.

With her gentle meditative approach to the asanas (yoga postures) pupils stretch and tone the body. This allows them  to become aware of the overall healing effects on the entire body, mind and spirit. Students are continually encouraged to reflect inwards towards harmony and well being.

Her classes are suitable for all age groups and pupils range from 3  to 85 years of age. The classes are especially helpful to people with stress related problems such as anxiety, insomnia, and chronic fatigue. Ilonka also offers a special programme for leaving certificate students, to help them unwind and prepare for their exams in a relaxed and positive state of mind. The success of her classes to date can be measured by the increase in numbers from year to year and the fact that her core group faithfully return each year.

She holds pre / post-natal  and baby massage classes. Individual and small group sessions are also offered to cater for individual needs. As well as yoga/relaxation and meditation , these can include the Bowen Technique and Reiki (1 and 2).

Workshops &Wellness Holidays 

Groups can contact Ilonka directly for private wellness holidays & work-shops in yoga, meditation and sacred circle dances.

booking and information contact Ilonka: 

Phone +353 (0)66 915 1765