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Promoting the original music and works of Traditional Irish Musician,Eoin Duignan & Yoga & Complimentary Health Therapist, Ilonka Miklosi.

The couple and their family are based in Dingle,County Kerry, Ireland.

Lumina by Eoin duignan

"If music offers a window to the soul, then that of the piper and whistle player Eoin Duignan is a kaleidoscopic fanlight into a world where the spirit reigns unopposed"

-Siobhán Long, The Irish Times, 30th July 2004

Music from Lumina

Track 1 Waters
Track 2 Sermon
Track 3 Beginning

With music that has been described as "gentle and generous, very personal but well rooted in the tradition of pipe playing" and with an "unmistakable passion", Irish Uilleann Pipe and Low Whistle player, Eoin Duignan has been pushing the boundaries of Irish Traditional music from his home in the heart of the West Kerry Gaeltacht for over 20 years.

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June 2004 saw the release of his third CD Lumina a six-part suite written for low whistles tracing the journey of the spirit from birth to death and rebirth. The music was evoked and inspired by the six magnificent Harry Clarke stained-glass windows in Díseart Chapel, Dingle, County Kerry.

The Harry Clarke Windows

Harry Clarke is widely recognised as one of the greatest stained glass artists of all time. Despite his untimely death in 1931 at the young age of 42, he left us a legacy of stunning art works in his windows around the world. In 1922 the Presentation Sisters commissioned the Díseart collection for their convent chapel in Dingle for the princely sum of 1,000 pounds. Clarke installed a series of six twin-light windows that have been described as "breathtaking", "magnificent" and "intensely moving". They vividly illustrate Clarke's unique style, with lively animated faces, a profusion of rich vibrant colours and generous ornamentation. The National Gallery of Ireland recently took possession of Harry Clarke's notebooks and drawings.


Two disciplines come together in Eoin Duignan's latest recording Lumina, as the work of Harry Clarke is illuminated with a new light in these beautiful and moving compositions. Influenced from an early age by master pipers Seamus Ennis and Leo Rowesome, much of Eoin's inspiration has come from the rich traditions of Irish history and folklore as well as his own life and experiences. On Lumina, Eoin is joined by some of Ireland's finest musicians including producer Gerry O'Beirne, Máire Breathnach and Liam Ó Maonlaoí. The six part suite gathers together these acclaimed musicians on a collection of original compositions and brings the listener on a colourful and illuminating journey through life; through sadness and laughter; pain and joy; and shows us that:

"in the midst of the trials of life we get as it were a taste of heaven"

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